Episode 21: Minkowski Commanding

Episode 21 is now live! Visit the Season 2 page to listen to Minkowski CommandingThere's a couple of different things about this one, so we hope you enjoy! 

Following the Plant Monster's reappearance, Minkowski makes it her mission to eliminate the mutant stowaway once and for all. But when her quarry proves surprisingly difficult to corner, the Commander resorts to increasingly desperate and dangerous tactics. As the deadly game of cat and mouse intensifies and the lines between roles start to blur, Minkowski must decide on the best path to take to ensure the safety of her crew. Plus, Howard Beale breakdowns, escalating hostilities, Holy Hand Grenades, friendly conversations, and Heart of Darkness lighting. 

This episode was written by Sarah Shachat and directed by Gabriel Urbina. It features Cecilia Lynn-Jacobs in the role of Captain Lovelace.

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Tune back on June 8th for Episode 22: Mutually Assured Destruction! After that we'll be going on a short production hiatus to finish writing and recording the back half of season 2, so make sure you check out that episode for more information on new Wolf 359!