Anthology: Across the Sea

Hungry for more Wolf 359 after yesterday’s episode? Well, we’ve got the next best thing! Check out this week’s episode of AnthologyAcross the Sea, written by Wolf 359 creator Gabriel Urbina and starring Emma “Commander Minkowski” Sherr-Ziarko.

Jackie, a journalist in the 1920s, thought she’d seen it all when she boarded a ship headed where few dare sail. The creative team behind the science fiction audio drama Wolf 359 takes us on a spooky, stormy journey with this adaptation of Horacio Quiroga’s “Los buques suicidantes.” Directed by Gabriel Urbina, starring Emma Sherr-Ziarko, Felipe Bonilla, and Jaime Maseda. Produced by Rachel Liu. 

And check out past episodes of Anthology! There is a healthy overlap with the Wolf 359 team, with both Zach Valenti and Emma Sherr-Ziarko voicing the lead characters in previous episodes. If you’re looking for new standalone audio dramas to have in your life, this is the show for you!