Episode 42: Time to Kill

Happy Halloween, everybody! And what better way to celebrate than to listen to our newest episode, Time to Kill? Visit our Season 3 page to listen to Episode 42!

In order to better study the properties of an incoming solar storm, Eiffel, Lovelace, Jacobi, and Maxwell are assigned to collect data on board a small experimental module. Separated from the Hephaestus and the rest of the crew for four days, they must find ways to occupy their minds and stave off boredom. But as time goes by and the storm draws closer, they soon discover that their expedition may be more exciting than they expected. Plus, responsible scientific surveys, vaguely horrific people, Cthulhu, episodes of The Twilight Zone, and doing things by the book. 

Tonight's episode was written by Sarah Shachat and directed by Gabriel Urbina.

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Stay tuned - there's four more episodes left before the end of the year! Happy Holidays!