Episode 44: Desperate Times

And... here we go. The beginning of the end of Season 3. The plunge. Hope you are all ready, because Episode 44: Desperate Times is now live! 

Part one of two. Still reeling from recent revelations, the crew plans to neutralize Colonel Kepler and the SI-5. But it's not long before different factions insist on conflicting ways to overcome their enemies - and about the level of force the situation calls for. Plus, clinical descriptions, war crime fuel, different approaches to weasel-popping, situations of absolutely elephantine proportions, and a lovely set of steak knives.

Tonight's episode was written and directed by Gabriel Urbina.

As always, a very special thank you to everyone who helps us to produce the show and to get it out there to find an audience. An especially loud shout out to all of our monthly backers at the Wolf 359 Patreon campaign. If you enjoy the show and want to help us close our third year in style, please consider signing up for a monthly donation - or at least leave a review on our iTunes page!  

Stay tuned - there's two more episodes left before the end of the season, and things are only going to go faster and faster...