Wolf 359 Live: Deep Space Survival Procedure & Protocol - Recordings Now Available!

Performed on December 19th, 2015, the Alchemical Theatre Laboratory in New York City, Deep Space Survival Procedure and Protocol was the first live performance of Wolf 359. Featuring all the principal cast members performing a never-before-heard script, this show was the culmination of the first two years of Wolf 359. We are - at long last - happy to make our recording of the show available for public consumption, in both video and audio-only formats! Visit our Live Shows page to watch or download! 

Set just after the events of Episode 26, Deep Space Survival Procedure and Protocol covers one madcap day in the life of the Hephaestus crew. After dealing with plant monsters, the reappearance of a not-so-presumed-dead captain, and a supervirus that's still chilling in his circulatory system, Communications Officer Doug Eiffel is about face his biggest challenge yet: a mysterious noise coming from the comms console. With the crew to question his abilities, will Eiffel be able to solve the mystery, keep his sanity, and get everyone else to cut him some slack? Plus, normal weird signals, voodoo pulled pork, all of the air bubbles, and the importance of chit-chat.