Episode 36: Fire and Brimstone

Are you ready for the next chapter in the Hephaestus Chronicles? Episode 36, Fire and Brimstone, is now live! Visit our Season 3 page to listen to the newest installment!

An accident leaves Dr. Maxwell in imminent danger and the entire station in a state of emergency. The crew scrambles to mount a rescue, but when Kepler and Minkowski disagree over which is the best way to conduct the operation and which way will get them all killed, long simmering tensions between the current and the former commanders come to a head. Can the fractured crew come together in time to prevent a catastrophe? Plus, towering infernos, strategic advantages, rank insubordination, the crazy train, and a very judicious application of explosives.

Tonight's installment is the first episode written by Emma Sherr-Ziarko. It was directed by Gabriel Urbina. 

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