Episode 37: Oveture




We are halfway through Season 3! Episode 37, Overture, is now live! Visit our Season 3 page to listen to the newest installment!

When Jacobi repeatedly tries - and fails - to put an additional signal receiver in orbit around Wolf 359, most of the crew writes it off as a hopeless cause. However, when the Hephaestus is hit by an unexpected series of stellar flares and the strongest musical transmission to date, they might finally be able to get some hard data on the origin of the transmissions - if they are able to accomplish that seemingly impossible task. Plus, breakfast burritos, insights from Doug Eiffel, violent decompression, the Death Vortex of Death, and a perfect Sunday afternoon. 

Tonight's episode was written by Sarah Shachat, and directed by Gabriel Urbina. It also features The 1812 Overture by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. This interpretation of the piece comes courtesy of Musopen.

As always, thank you so much to everyone who has helped us make this show, especially everyone who's left a review on our iTunes page and to everyone who's signed up for a monthly donation on our Patreon campaign. Season 3 has already been so much more successful than we could have ever anticipated, and we are so grateful that you are all on this crazy roller coaster with us! 

Stay tuned - there's another big announcement right around the corner!