Mini Episode 10: Things That Break Other Things

Happy Monday! It's that time again - check out the fifth episode in the backstory mini series! Visit our Season 3 page to listen to Things That Break Other Things

In tonight's episode, Daniel Jacobi celebrates an anniversary. This episode was written by Zach Valenti and directed by Gabriel Urbina. 

But wait - there's more! As part of our backstories mini series, we are releasing individual Spotify playlists for each of our characters! In these you'll find songs that we think resonate with who the characters are, how they view the world, and how they process their emotions and conflicts. And, of course, some songs they enjoy and listen to! Click here to check out the Jacobi playlist! 

Stay tuned - just three more mini episodes left before the end of the summer, and Episode 38: Happy Endings is just around the corner!