Episode 38: Happy Endings

The time has come, the time has come. Episode 38, Happy Endings, is now live! Visit our Season 3 page to listen to the newest installment!

Preparations are underway to deal with the next contact anomaly from Wolf 359. But the old crew of the Hephaestus is still unsure what preparations they should make to deal with Colonel Kepler and his team, and the divide in strategies is only getting sharper. Hoping to bring an end to the standstill, Dr. Hilbert decides to try a more radical approach, and seek help from an unlikely source. Plus, the Midnight Society, botanical incidents, inane military mantras, perfectly equitable solutions, and a little Easter Egg.

Tonight's episode was written and directed by Gabriel Urbina. 

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Stay tuned - eight more episodes left in Season 3, and things are only getting crazier from here on out.