Further Update - Season 4 Release Schedule

Hello again, everyone!

Unfortunately, a bit of bad news. Due to some unforeseen and wholly unavoidable circumstances, we have had to push back the recording session for this week's Mission Mishaps. We apologize for the late notice on this. 

The fourth Mission Mishaps will be released next Monday, and Episode 56 will be released at the end of next week. The full schedule for the immediate future is: 

Monday October 23rd: Mission Mishaps, Entry Four. 

Friday October 27th: Episode 56, Idle Hands. (Part One of Two)

Tuesday October 31st: Episode 57, The Devil's Plaything. (Part Two of Two)

Tuesday November 7th: Mission Mishaps, Entry Five. 

Monday November 13th: Episode 58, Quiet, Please

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we try to balance unexpected twists and turns with production on our finale episode. And, of course, thank you also for listening.