Further Delays - Zach Family Emergency, Explained

Hey everyone! Zach Valenti here.

I'm writing to inform you that we're further behind schedule than we intended to be and have another revision to make to the release schedule (see below).

After 89 years around the sun, my grandmother passed away last Tuesday. She'd been in the palliative care ward for a little over a week before that with a prognosis of 72 hours. It was a miracle she lasted along as she did and even more of a miracle I got to be by her side as she passed, holding her hand, telling her how much love she brought to the world. She asked me to send you all her very best and let you know that she had a brush with audio drama acting in her youth. Wolf 359 was a dream come true for her, lived vicariously through me, and everyone reading this is a huge part of that.

Suffice it to say, however, it's been more challenging than usual to produce our Mission Mishaps episodes in light of this (not to mention while producing the finale, editing the next full episode, writing more mini episodes, drafting the Goddard Special, gearing up for Pryce & Carter's DSSPPM, and handling our respective freelance jobs). For anyone feeling upset about this change of schedule and in desperate need of yelling at someone, please direct your frustration at me for being an extra-hard level of Minesweeper when it comes to scheduling right now. For the fastest response time, I recommend Twitter (http://twitter.com/zachvalenti). I repeat, be upset with me and me only. Any criticism aimed at Gabriel or Sarah will lose you 20 Karma points. You know who you are. They're busy trying to land Wolf 359 on the storytelling tarmac and we're coming in hot, so please send only compassion and words of encouragement their way (http://twitter.com/GabrielUrbinaTM & https://twitter.com/sarahshachat).

The Newly Revised Schedule:

Mission Mishaps 4: Friday Oct 27th

Episode 56: Tuesday Oct 31st

Episode 57: Friday Nov 3rd

Mission Mishaps 5: next Tuesday

Episode 58: Next Monday