Episode 56: Idle Hands

Thank you for your patience - Season 4 of Wolf 359 continues today, with this season's big two-parter! Episode 56 is now live! Visit the Season 4 page to listen to Idle Hands!

Please be advised this episode of Wolf 359 contains disturbing content. Listener discretion is advised.

Part one of two. With the crew brainwashed into doing their bidding and Hera forced to comply with her creator's wishes, Pryce and Cutter seem to be in complete control of the Hephaestus. But when a a small flaw in their plan and an unexpected opportunity present themselves, will Lovelace be able to fight back against Command and their agents? Plus, small island nations, friendly faces, new recurring nightmares, ice cream scoopers, and slow, painful, entirely avoidable deaths. 

Tonight's episode was written by Sarah Shachat and directed by Gabriel Urbina. This episode's music features Gnossienne 1 by Erik Satie.

As always, a huge thank you to everyone that's helped us get this final season of Wolf 359 made, especially everyone who's signed up for a recurring monthly donation on our Patreon campaign. And an even bigger, very special, "thank you," is due this time: so many people have signed up to support the show that we reached one of our stretch goals and are going to be producing a full version of Pryce and Carter's Deep Space Survival Procedure and Protocol Manual! This is an unbelievable achievement, and we feel so blessed to get to do this thanks to all your help! Keep an eye out for more details on that side project very soon! 

Stay tuned - part two is right around the corner...