Special Episode: Volte Face


Thanks to the amazing generosity of our supporters on Patreon, we're releasing one more giant-sized Special Episode before the finale! It's a little flashback adventure, covering the history of Goddard Futuristics and the pasts of some of the series's main antagonists. Thank you so much to everyone that supported us and made this possible - this is a story that we thought we would never get to tell on the main show. Thanks to you, now everyone can visit a completely new part of the Wolf 359 universe in our second Special Episode: Volte Face

Investigative reporter Andrea Nash is having a very good day. She's flown halfway around the world on a very special assignment: an exclusive interview with Marcus Cutter, the infamous Director of Communications for Goddard Futuristics. It's a shot at journalism greatness, and Nash intends to make the most of it. But as she gets closer and closer to unearthing the earth-shaking story she's after, her subject gets more and more defensive... and starts considering more radical means of eliminating the unwanted attention. Plus, terrors to work for, a big, honking private plane, the charms of analog recorders, things no monkey could ever manage, and the fiery intensity of a thousand burning suns. 

This episode was written and directed by Sarah Shachat, from a story by Sarah Shachat and Gabriel Urbina. It features voice work by Clemence Kim and David Rheinstrom. 

Stay tuned - in just four more days... the Wolf 359 Finale