Surprise! Special Episode Now Available

Surprise, everyone! You can now listen to the first Wolf 359 Special Episode, Change of Mind, through Spoke

A few months ago, thanks to the overwhelming generosity of our recurring donors on Patreon, we got to begin work on a special project, one we've been wanting to do for the last two years. The idea was to create a one-off flashback episode, taking us back to Captain Lovelace's first mission on the Hephaestus and her original crew. Today, thanks to additional support from our friends at Spoke, this Special Episode is finished. You can now listen to our new, feature-film-length, never-before-heard episode, Change of Mind

In order to get this new episode, head on over to Spoke's website or download their mobile app. If you're not familiar with Spoke, they're a new app for podcasts from Sirius XM. They're all about making the podcasting experience social, and helping you find amazing new content you're going to love. Don't worry - the Special is available for free, and you don't need to sign up for anything - although we highly recommend you do! They took production on this special to next level, and are doing amazing things for the audio community, so definitely check out their work. (And who knows... you might find a couple more new Wolf 359 tidbits hiding out in their directory.)

But for now, please enjoy the first Special Episode of Wolf 359. And man, what an episode it is. It's not just our longest episode to date (over two hours!) but also one of our most ambitious, most intimate, and most twisted outings to date. We got to work with amazing actors and musicians in creating this audio adventure. We loved making this, and we hope you'll love listening to it. 

Please be advised this episode of Wolf 359 contains violence. Listener discretion is advised.


Captain Lovelace, commanding officer of the U.S.S. Hephaestus Station, is not having a great week. She's butting heads with Communications Officer Lambert, her pedantic second-in-command. Doctors Hui and Fourier, her astrophysicists, seem more interested in an upcoming stellar flare than in basic station safety. Her engineer, Fisher, is getting fed up with the constant bickering, and her chief science officer, Doctor Selberg, isn't exactly... dependable. But things really take a turn for the worse when her superiors at Command decide it's time to put her crew through a very special training exercise, one carefully tailored to get under their skin. Lovelace, Lambert, and the rest of the crew must come together if they hope to make it through the longest, strangest, and most dangerous day of their expedition so far. Plus, apoplectic fugue states, emotional decision-making, corporate acid trips, never-before-seen attractions, and work of real substance.

This episode was written and directed by Gabriel Urbina, from a story by Lillian Holman, Cecilian Lynn-Jacobs, Sarah Shachat, and Gabriel Urbina. It features voice work by Beth Eyre, Ariel Estrada, Peter Coleman, and Mary Kate Wiles. It also features Paradise Valley by Honey and the Sting. Listen to more of their work at their Bandcamp.

Thank you so much to everyone who donated to Patreon over the past months. This episode was only possible due to your generosity, and we are forever in your debt for allowing us to tell this story. And thank you, once again, to our friends at Spoke. They took what was going to be a quick side detour and turned it into an epic journey we could have never undertaken by ourselves. 

Stay tuned: the beginning of Season 4 - the beginning of the final season - is just around the corner!