Episode 53: Dirty Work

We're almost halfway through our fourth season! Episode 53 is now live! Visit the Season 4 page to listen to Dirty Work!

Please be advised, this episode of Wolf 359 contains discussions of violence and death. Listener discretion is advised.

When Eiffel picks up signs of a transmission from deep space just hours before Hera's scheduled to go through an internal reset, the crew is divided on whether he should attempt to pursue it or not. But with only the autopilot for backup and an unexpected threat waiting in the wings, they soon discover they're more vulnerable than any of them realize. Plus, above average chimpanzees, horrifying threats of bodily mutilation, Plan C, rules of project management, and elaborate pranks to teach important lessons. 

This episode's music features The Four Seasons by Antonio Vivaldi, performed by John Harrison. This interpretation of the piece comes courtesy of Musopen. Tonight's episode was written by Emma Sherr-Ziarko and directed by Gabriel Urbina. 

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