A Matter of Perspective

Episode 34: A Matter of Perspective

Aaand... here... we... go! Episode 34, A Matter of Perspective, is now live! Visit our Season 3 page to listen to the latest from Eiffel and the gang. 

When the Urania's radio picks up and loses the first deep space signal in months, Colonel Kepler puts everyone on high alert. Split into two teams and forced to stay up on an all-night stakeout, the crew must find ways to keep busy and face unique challenges. On the Urania, Eiffel, Jacobi, and Kepler contemplate their place in the universe. Meanwhile, on the Hephaestus, Minkowski, Hera, Lovelace, and Maxwell confront a threat unlike any they've ever encountered. Plus, the wheel of ages, kitchen sinks, nuclear winter rounds, teenage love lives, and Funzo.

This episode was written and directed by Gabriel Urbina. 

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