Episode 58

Episode 58: Quiet, Please

Here we go, the home stretch: the final four episodes of Wolf 359! Episode 58 is now live! Visit the Season 4 page to listen to Quiet, Please!

Please be advised this episode of Wolf 359 contains instances of violence and body horror. Listener discretion is advised.

Having freed themselves from Pryce's mind control, Eiffel, Minkowski, Hera, Lovelace, and Jacobi need to come up with a plan for how to escape from the Hephaestus. But their new scheme will force them to face a formidable challenge: getting through the Sol's security system, an obstacle unlike any they have ever faced before. Plus, nice blunt objects, partial intelligence, mischief specialists, traumatized breaking down, and the creepiest place in the star system.

Tonight's episode was written and directed by Gabriel Urbina. 

As always, an enormous thank you to everyone that's helped us get this final season of Wolf 359 made, especially everyone who's signed up for a recurring monthly donation on our Patreon campaign. And also, for anyone who might have missed it: Wolf 359 has a Bandcamp now! And Volume 1 of our soundtrack is now available for all your listening needs! It's a full set of twenty tracks, from across all four seasons, all remastered by Alan Rodi, our composer extraordinaire! Check it out! 

Stay tuned - we'll be back next week with a mini episode!