LaF Podcast Interview

Earlier this week, we had the pleasure of sitting down with the hosts of the Literature and Film Podcast for an interview. The L-Train and Mr. Two-Frames talked with Zach Valenti (Eiffel/Hilbert), Emma Sherr-Ziarko (Minkowski), and myself about all things Wolf 359.

These guys were a complete blast to talk to, so if you want to hear more about how our episodes come together, the challenges of voiceover acting (and of playing two characters at once!), or what we hope the future has in store for our show, you should definitely tune in! Plus, they have one of the sharpest and more entertaining media commentary podcasts on the web, so if you're looking for other shows to listen to between installments of Wolf 359, try out one of their other episodes!

You can listen to Wolf 359's interview the LaF Podcast here

Wolf 359 - The TV Tropes Page

Check it out, Internet! One of our fans did a ridiculously awesome favor to the show and set up a Wolf 359 page on TV Tropes. Visit the page for a great write-up on the show, as well as lots of information and commentary on the characters and the story so far. 

And, of course, if any of our followers are contributors at TV Tropes, please help to expand the page with additional information, and to get it cross-listed in other pages. Thank you so much, you're the best! 

And look for the release of Episode 17, Bach to the Future, this Friday! 

New Website

Things have been pretty quiet for the last few weeks while we prepare for the start of Season 2. But never fear - the wait is almost over! Episode 14, The Kumbaya Approach, is going to be released on February 14th, now less than two weeks away. Even better, we're now ready to unveil the big project that we undertook over our January hiatus - our completely redesigned website!

Just looking around you're probably already noticing a lot of changes from our old stomping grounds. Some of the biggest changes include: