Updated Season 4 Release Schedule

Hey everyone! As we barrel into the second half of our fourth season and the cast and crew dive into the full production for the final chapters, we wanted to give you slight update for the release dates of upcoming episodes.

Wednesday October 11th: Mission Mishaps, Entry Three.

Tuesday October 17th: Mission Mishaps, Entry Four. 

Monday October 23rd: Episode 56, Idle Hands. (Part One of Two)

Monday October 30th: Episode 57, The Devil's Plaything. (Part Two of Two)

Tuesday November 7th: Mission Mishaps, Entry Five. 

Monday November 13th: Episode 58, Quiet, Please

From there onwards, the season will continue on its regular schedule, with new full episodes released on Mondays and Mission Mishaps Mini Episodes released on Tuesdays. 

We're making these tiny adjustments for two reasons: first, as we get the hang of weekly Wolf 359, we are discovering the limits of what our (already sleep-deprived) post-production team can accomplish. Moving our Mission Mishaps releases to Tuesdays rather than Mondays will help to alleviate the editing and mixing pressure, while still allowing for weekly helpings of Wolf 359

Secondly, after much careful deliberation, the creative team has decided that it will be better for Episodes 56 and 57, which together tell a single, massive story, to only be released one week apart. This slight reshuffle of our October releases allows us to minimize the gap between these episodes.

Thank you for your patience, and for listening to the show! We think you are going to really enjoy the final twelve weeks of Wolf 359!

Episode Release Schedule Update

Hey everyone, 

Important announcement: we are pushing back the release dates for the last three episodes of Season 2 by one week.

Zach, I, and the rest of the Wolf 359 Creative Team apologize for this delay in the release schedule. Rest assured that this was not an easy decision to make, nor one that we made on a whim. We’ve been trying to balance next episode’s production with lots of new things, both inside and outside the show, and it’s finally gotten to the point where we felt we needed to be honest about how much work we still had to do and how much time we would need to do it properly. Rest assured that we’ll do our utmost to prevent these sorts of hiccups in future seasons. 

The updated release dates for the rest of the season are: 

Do No Harm: October 26th

Knock, Knock: November 9th 

Who’s There?: November 23rd 

Thank you for your understanding, your patience, and all the support you’ve given the show over every step of this season. 

New Release Schedule

Quick update on the release dates for upcoming episodes! 

As we get deeper into the production of Season 2, we keep discovering new and exciting challenges to keep us on our toes. Scripts have gotten longer and more intricate, we've tackled weirder and more complicated storylines, we've worked with phenomenal collaborators... we've even run into technical difficulties we couldn't have even dreamed of during Season 1. All of this excitement, however, does mean we've had to adjust our production schedule, and now we have to adjust our release schedule to follow suit. 

From now onwards, new episodes of Wolf 359 will be released on MONDAYS, with the usual two week span between episodes. So look for Episode 19: LET'S KILL HILBERT, on Monday April 27th.