One Year Later... What Has The Team Been Up To?

Well... it's been a while. 

Can you believe almost a full year has gone by since the end of Wolf 359? Saying that feels very surreal to all of us at Kinda Evil Genius HQ. And lately a lot of people have been asking us: what has everyone on the cast and crew been working on lately? 


A lot of stuff.

New audio dramas! New talk shows! Getting advanced degrees! Modeling! Adventures in the world of tech! Big writing projects! Experimental cross-media performance art! Landscape architecture! So! Much! Stuff!

But seriously: when we stopped to take stock of how much cool work folks were doing, we thought it might nice to share the latest from the team with all of you. So fire up the old podcasting apps, and join Doug Eiffel himself, Zach Valenti, for a whirlwind update on what some of the cast and crew have been up to this year.

New Release Schedule

Quick update on the release dates for upcoming episodes! 

As we get deeper into the production of Season 2, we keep discovering new and exciting challenges to keep us on our toes. Scripts have gotten longer and more intricate, we've tackled weirder and more complicated storylines, we've worked with phenomenal collaborators... we've even run into technical difficulties we couldn't have even dreamed of during Season 1. All of this excitement, however, does mean we've had to adjust our production schedule, and now we have to adjust our release schedule to follow suit. 

From now onwards, new episodes of Wolf 359 will be released on MONDAYS, with the usual two week span between episodes. So look for Episode 19: LET'S KILL HILBERT, on Monday April 27th.