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Wolf 359 is a science fiction audio drama podcast about Doug Eiffel - a lazy Communications Officer - and the rest of the U.S.S. Hephaestus Station's crew on a seemingly routine science survey mission orbiting Wolf 359, a red dwarf star eight light-years away from Earth. Their mission? Find signs of alien life. But not all is not as it seems aboard the Hephaestus. Goddard Futuristics, the missions ominous corporate sponsors, have big, life-threatening plans for these people.

It certainly doesn't help that the Hephaestus is a pressure cooker even without Command's evil plans. Anxious to be impeccable, mission Commander Minkowski resents Eiffel's half-assed approach to... well everything. And she has limited patience for the ship's inexplicably buggy Artificial Intelligence System, HERA. In turn, HERA has little patience for the relatively "slow" humans she must serve. Meanwhile, Dr. Hilbert, the station's medical officer and Goddard's secret operative, has been actively experimenting on Officer Eiffel with a lethal virus in the pursuit of a panacea and even tries to kill HERA and Minkowski when his work is threatened.

Everyone discovers they're in for more than they bargained for when an alien force actually appears, along with the commander of a previous Hephaestus mission, Captain Lovelace. Presumed dead for years, Lovelace is consumed with exacting revenge on Goddard Futuristics for betraying her and murdering her crew - even if she has to kill everyone on board to do it.

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In Season 3, the Hephaestus station has come under new management. Goddard Futuristics sent Colonel Kepler, AI specialist Dr. Maxwell, and special agent Jacobi ostensibly to monitor the strange alien activity around the star, but the original crew has the sense that they all have ulterior motives for being there - few of which involves keeping our heroes alive.

Without further ado: our episodes

We're submitting the first three episodes from our third and most recent season for your consideration, starting with:


Written by Sarah Shachat and Directed by Gabriel Urbina. 

After a technical mishap causes Jacobi's latest experimental gizmo to discharge within the Urania, a number of the SI-5's personal items are vented into space. A furious Colonel Kepler assembles everyone who was involved, hell bent on determining which of his underlings is at fault. But when Minkowski, Jacobi, and Eiffel each present wildly different accounts of the event, he and Captain Lovelace discover that determining the why, the how, the when, and the who is responsible for this snafu might be trickier than it first appears. Plus, willful destruction of property, outright libel, Thunderdome, excellent opportunities for science, and Exit 101.


Written by Sarah Shachat and Directed by Gabriel Urbina.

While most of the crew tries to enjoy a rare moment of downtime, Doctor Maxwell discovers some previously undetected flaws in the station's systems. When her suspicions about these faults are proven right, the crew is forced to have a series of unexpected and difficult conversations. Plus, the Cybermen Appreciation Society, Cold Shower September, the master of the prank, everlasting funstoppers, and a big pink Heffalump that only you can see. 


Written and Directed by Gabriel Urbina. 

With Hera out of commission, Doctor Maxwell attempts a difficult reconstructive procedure on the unresponsive autopilot program. Before she can even begin, however, she will have to navigate through the shifting landscape of Hera’s memory banks, a task infinitely more complex than it might appear at first glance. Plus, subjective realities, really loud pinball machines, deleted scenes, attempted crew member homicide, and a backdoor into the subconscious.

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