GABRIEL URBINA (Writer, Creator, Co-Producer)

Gabriel Urbina is a Costa Rican-American writer, filmmaker, and science fiction lover. When he’s not too busy taking dictation from the voices in his head, Gabriel juggles, has strong opinions about movies, and sleepwalks an alarming amount. He lives in Brooklyn. Follow him on Twitter



Zach Valenti is an artist and entrepreneur based in New York City. He is currently working as a filmmaker, author, voiceover artist, and full-time nerd. Learn more about Zach on his website and follow him on Twitter.



Emma Sherr-Ziarko is an NYC-based practitioner of many art forms, primarily theater. While bouncing between assorted acting projects, she also dabbles in writing and stage management. She likes to travel, read fantasy novels, learn obscure languages, and drink wine. She might be on TV one day! Learn more about Emma on her website.



Michaela Swee is a New York City born actor, singer, dancer, and clinical psychology Ph.D. candidate. She is currently in graduate school in Philadelphia studying the nature and treatment of anxiety and emotional disorders. She loves to travel, cook, eat, Zumba, bike, listen to music, and explore quaint New England towns. She sort of has a fantasy of going back to live in colonial times. For like a day. And only to bake bread the old fashioned way. 


Cecilia Lynn-Jacobs (LoveLace)

Cecilia Lynn-Jacobs does the art thing, usually dancing or acting. When not Lovelacing, Cecilia teaches clown with Zara Aina, makes a mean brisket, and writes songs or makes dance videos. She has worked on projects with Andrew Schneider, Jamie Poskin, and MTV. Follow her on instagram for upcoming performances, granola making, and the occasional kitten rescue. 


Zach Libresco (Kepler)

Zach Libresco is a New York City-based actor, artist, and enthusiast. After spending much of his youth in the street playing sports, he has spent his adulthood in the arts, playing with lots of Shakespeare, and still hooping on the weekends. He is a proud member of The Humanist Project, a founding member of the Kaos Theatre Company, and sends his unending love to the fam. You can peep him on Twitter here



Noah Masur is afraid of heights, bees, and the dark. 


Michelle Agresti (Maxwell)

Michelle Agresti is an actress/space kitten (according to her Twitter bio). She also sometimes is a Pet Fashion Correspondent for a public access cable show about dogs and works part-time as a zombie. Educated at Wesleyan University and The William Esper Studio, she has appeared in various short films (including some written, produced, and directed by her), plays, and one instance of performance art. Check out her website for more info. 


Scotty Shoemaker (Cutter)

Scotty Shoemaker always records his character in a remote location and the producers of the show have never seen his face. When we researched the name Scotty Shoemaker, the search results returned a professional weightlifter, a baseball player, and a CIA agent killed in the line of duty in 1997. All further search results came back as strictly confidential. However, this website seems to be a good lead…


Ariela Rotenberg (rachel)

Ariela Rotenberg is a theater artist and producer currently based in Boulder, CO. She has also worked and performed in NYC. In addition to theater and teaching herself to play the ukulele, Ariela is getting her MA in anthropology. She spends the rest of her time reading, writing, and imagining all the places she'd like to adventure to really soon.



Alan Rodi is a composer and musician based in Rochester, NY. When not composing, he music directs and accompanies for local musical theater productions. Check out his website.


Sarah Shachat (staff writer)

Sarah Shachat is a writer and editor from New Orleans, even though she doesn't sound like it. When she's not trying to insert more puns into Wolf 359, she's researching, copywriting, reviewing film and television shows, and drinking lots of black tea. See more of her work on Letterboxd