Episode 19: Let's Kill Hilbert

Episode 19 is now live! Visit the Season 2 page to listen to Let's Kill Hilbert! 

Tensions run high when the crew revisits the issue of how to handle Doctor Hilbert's continued presence on board the Hephaestus. With Eiffel, Minkowski, and Hera all bringing their own perspectives, fears, and agendas to the table, discussions soon grind to a halt. But when a member of the crew decides that drastic measures are called for, they may end up damaging the fragile bond that joins them together beyond repair. Plus, electric sheep, cruel and unusual tickling, the blinky red light of doom, Shatnerian fury, and Team "What's Wrong With Handcuffs?"

This episode is a major landmark for the show: it's our first episode on our new Monday release schedule, and it's our first episode written by our new staff writer extraordinaire, Sarah Shachat. 

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