Episode Release Schedule Update

Hey everyone, 

Important announcement: we are pushing back the release dates for the last three episodes of Season 2 by one week.

Zach, I, and the rest of the Wolf 359 Creative Team apologize for this delay in the release schedule. Rest assured that this was not an easy decision to make, nor one that we made on a whim. We’ve been trying to balance next episode’s production with lots of new things, both inside and outside the show, and it’s finally gotten to the point where we felt we needed to be honest about how much work we still had to do and how much time we would need to do it properly. Rest assured that we’ll do our utmost to prevent these sorts of hiccups in future seasons. 

The updated release dates for the rest of the season are: 

Do No Harm: October 26th

Knock, Knock: November 9th 

Who’s There?: November 23rd 

Thank you for your understanding, your patience, and all the support you’ve given the show over every step of this season. 

LaF Podcast Interview

Earlier this week, we had the pleasure of sitting down with the hosts of the Literature and Film Podcast for an interview. The L-Train and Mr. Two-Frames talked with Zach Valenti (Eiffel/Hilbert), Emma Sherr-Ziarko (Minkowski), and myself about all things Wolf 359.

These guys were a complete blast to talk to, so if you want to hear more about how our episodes come together, the challenges of voiceover acting (and of playing two characters at once!), or what we hope the future has in store for our show, you should definitely tune in! Plus, they have one of the sharpest and more entertaining media commentary podcasts on the web, so if you're looking for other shows to listen to between installments of Wolf 359, try out one of their other episodes!

You can listen to Wolf 359's interview the LaF Podcast here