Three Years of Wolf 359, Change of Mind Re-Released, and New Behind-the-Scenes Extras!

It's Wolf 359's birthday! Three years ago, to this day, we released Succulent Rat-Killing Tar, Little Revolución, and Discomforts, Pains, and Irregularities! Oh, back then we had no idea how much of our lives would get taken over by this crazy little show, or how many lives this series would touch in just three short years! Looking back on where we started is a really flabbergasting experience - both because of everything we've done since then and because of all the attention, support, encouragement, affection, and love that we've gotten from our listeners! 

So what are we doing to celebrate? Glad you asked! First of all, we've just re-released our first giant-sized Special Episode: Change of Mind! Originally only available through our friends at Spoke, the feature-length flashback adventure is now available for download through our website and through your favorite podcasting apps! Whether it's your first time listening or you want to relive your time with Lambert, Fourier, Hui, Fisher, Selberg, and Lovelace, there's no better time to revisit Change of Mind! 

And, after you're done listening to the Special, head on over to our Extras page for a new behind-the-scenes bonus feature: a full-length audio commentary for Change of Mind! Writer-Director Gabriel Urbina goes through every scene of the episode, sharing thoughts on the writing of the scripts, stories from the making-of, and general trivia tidbits on the making of a giant-sized episode.

Doing an audio commentary for a podcast is kind of an experiment for us, so let us know what you think! If you like it and want to hear more of these in the future, let us know! 

Thank to all of our listeners for three unbelievable years of Wolf 359. A very special thank you to everyone that's supported us on our Patreon campaign for making Change of Mind possible, and to the amazing folks at Spoke for taking the plunge and going on this adventure with us. We're looking forward to sharing a few more adventures with you before the end of the series in December!