LaF Podcast Interview

Earlier this week, we had the pleasure of sitting down with the hosts of the Literature and Film Podcast for an interview. The L-Train and Mr. Two-Frames talked with Zach Valenti (Eiffel/Hilbert), Emma Sherr-Ziarko (Minkowski), and myself about all things Wolf 359.

These guys were a complete blast to talk to, so if you want to hear more about how our episodes come together, the challenges of voiceover acting (and of playing two characters at once!), or what we hope the future has in store for our show, you should definitely tune in! Plus, they have one of the sharpest and more entertaining media commentary podcasts on the web, so if you're looking for other shows to listen to between installments of Wolf 359, try out one of their other episodes!

You can listen to Wolf 359's interview the LaF Podcast here

Episode 17: Bach to the Future

"In a tight spot, remember - statistically, most things are afraid of the dark." 

- Pryce and Carter's Deep Space Survival Procedure and Protocol Manual, Tip #946

Episode 17 is now live! Visit the Season 2 page to listen to Bach to the Future! 

After weeks in a state of emergency, Eiffel, Minkowski, and Hera are faced with an unexpected challenge: staving off boredom during an uneventful night on the Hephaestus. Desperate for any way to pass the time, the crew goes through games, contests, bets, jokes, minor intrigue, secret-telling, rare moments of sincerity, and even a bit of honest work. Plus, elementary grade English, paranoid old harpies, Giraffe 163, a failure to communicate, and Ziddeldy-Dibbeldy. 

This episode’s music features Orchestral Suite No. 3 in D Major by Johann Sebastian Bach. This interpretation of the piece comes courtesy of Musopen.

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Look out for some announcements coming up soon! We're talking with some very exciting people about doing work together, and hopefully we'll be able to tell you more about that very soon. But, in the meantime, there is a big extra that we can tell you about right now! 

Wolf 359 - The TV Tropes Page

Check it out, Internet! One of our fans did a ridiculously awesome favor to the show and set up a Wolf 359 page on TV Tropes. Visit the page for a great write-up on the show, as well as lots of information and commentary on the characters and the story so far. 

And, of course, if any of our followers are contributors at TV Tropes, please help to expand the page with additional information, and to get it cross-listed in other pages. Thank you so much, you're the best! 

And look for the release of Episode 17, Bach to the Future, this Friday! 

Episode 16: Painfully Ever After

Thank you for your patience - Episode 16 is now live! Visit our Season 2 page to listen to Painfully Ever After! Everyone on the production team is really excited about this one.

Still dealing with the fallout from Hera's deactivation, the crew struggles to keep the rapidly deteriorating Hephaestus functional. Overwhelmed, sleep-deprived, and constantly faced with new mechanical problems, Eiffel and Minkowski can't escape the feeling that they are on the verge of a disastrous mistake. But when the Commander thinks up an unconventional, and possibly dangerous, solution, the exhausted pair must decide whether they are willing to take on yet another deadly risk. Plus, "check engine" lights, dizzy spells, Hitchcock antagonists, Dr. Iscariot, and a brain the size of a mack truck. 

Remember - our second mini-episode is waiting in the wings. We'll release when we get to 25 reviews on our iTunes page. If you haven't done so already, and you would like a quick glimpse at Eiffel's life before the beginning of the show, please take a moment to review Wolf 359! Every bit does more to help than you can imagine, so please take a second to write something, even a tiny blurb. Thank you! 


Episode 15: What's Up, Doc?

Episode 15 is now live! Visit our Season 2 page to listen to What's Up, Doc? Hope you enjoy! 

Still rattled by their recent discoveries, Eiffel and Minkowski try to force Hilbert to reveal what he knows about the Hephaestus's mysteries and the details of his secret mission. But will they find some way to get their prisoner to cooperate with them? Or will their formidable opponent succeed in breaking them apart before they break him? Plus, pet monkeys, bad cop territory, winning personalities, irrational needs, and hammer time.

Episode 14: The Kumbaya Approach

Welcome back to Wolf 359! Season 2 of the show has officially begun, and we are kicking things off with our fourteenth full episode, The Kumbaya Approach. Listen to it on our Season 2 page

Unsure of who or what to trust after the events at Christmas, Eiffel and Minkowski make contact with Mr. Cutter, their liaison to Goddard Futuristics and the mission's direct supervisor. But given Hilbert's actions, how wise is it to inform Command about their discovery of the mysterious deep space signal? And how much does Mr. Cutter already know about what is happening on the Hephaestus? Plus, long distance calls, exponential emergencies, showing and telling, extreme prejudice, and Hephaestus Mystery 340.

This episode features Scotty Shoemaker in the role of Mr. Cutter and Cecilia Lynn-Jacobs in the role of Captain Lovelace. This episode also featured music from The Italian Girl in Algiers by Gioachino Rossini. This interpretation of the piece comes courtesy of Musopen

New Mini Episode - Coming Soon!

We're just over a week away from the release of Episode 14 The Kumbaya Approach. However, if you're really hungry for new Wolf 359 material, we might be able to arrange that. We've put together our second mini episode for the series. We're excited to share this short episode with everyone - it's very different from everything else that we've done on the show. 

However, before we release this mini episode, we really need some help bolstering up our presence in the iTunes world. We really need to put more of a spotlight on our page, and we can't do that without your help. Specifically, we need to get more reviews on our page. 

New Website

Things have been pretty quiet for the last few weeks while we prepare for the start of Season 2. But never fear - the wait is almost over! Episode 14, The Kumbaya Approach, is going to be released on February 14th, now less than two weeks away. Even better, we're now ready to unveil the big project that we undertook over our January hiatus - our completely redesigned website!

Just looking around you're probably already noticing a lot of changes from our old stomping grounds. Some of the biggest changes include: