Episode 43: Persuasion

Get ready, everybody. The end of Season 3 is almost upon us. This is the deep breath before the plunge... 

The time has come - the time to listen to Episode 43!  Visit our Season 3 page to listen to Persuasion!

With just over a day left before the long-anticipated alien contact event, Colonel Kepler keeps the crew working overtime to get the Hephaestus ready for anything - and everything - that might happen. As they work around the clock, however, the crew finds that Wolf 359's turbulent air space and a side project of Doctor Hilbert's might offer some unique challenges and some unexpected opportunities. Plus, Q-branch gizmos, Santa's Workshop, studly, manly things, bedtime reading, and the latest in Hephaestus Fashion. 

Tonight's episode was written by Zach Valenti and directed by Gabriel Urbina.

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Stay tuned - there's three more episodes left before the end of the year! It's all free fall from here on out...