The Manifesto of the Divine Eternal

In The Sound and the Fury, Doctor Hilbert finds himself possessed by the station's notorious botanical stowaway, the Space Mutant Plant Monster. Towards the end of the episode, he delivers the start of a long speech about the many benefits of converting to his new religion before Eiffel shuts off the PA system. Here is the full text of the Manifesto of the Blessed Eternal, as intoned by Dr. Alexander Hilbert.

Eiffel's Lord's Prayer

A little extra from the recording sessions for The Empty Man Cometh. The full version of what a panicked Eiffel thinks the Lord's Prayer sounds like.

Out of the Frying Pan

In All Things Considered, Eiffel, Jacobi, and Minkowski tell wildly different versions of how Colonel Kepler's scotch was accidentally vented out of the station. Two of the stories featured fire and very silly yelling. By popular demand, you can now listen to the very silly yelling without a narrator talking over it. Take a walk on the silly side with the best of Zach's, Emma's, and Noah's ad-libbing. 

Succulent Rat-Killing Tar (Ars Paradoxica Remix)

In their on-going quest to prove they are the most amazing, nicest people working in podcasting, the ars PARADOXICA team has recreated the first episode of Wolf 359. Adapted and directed by audio producer extraordinaire Mischa Stanton, starring Kristen DiMercurio, Reyn Beeler, and Robin Gabrielli, this is a wonderful glimpse into an alternate reality of who Eiffel, Minkowski, Hilbert, and Hera could have been... 

Audio Commentary: Change of Mind

Join series creator and Change of Mind's writer and director, Gabriel Urbina, in this full-length audio commentary. Gabriel takes you through the episode scene by scene, discussing the writing of the special, behind-the-scenes stories, and various others bits about Wolf 359's trip back in time to Lovelace's first tenure on board the Hephaestus. 

Change of Mind: Behind the Scenes Content

For the original release of Change of Mind, our friends at Spoke developed two fantastic features to cover the making of the Special. First, a behind-the-scenes audio documentary, featuring interviews with the cast and the crew. Second, Writing Change of Mind, a conversation between the Wolf 359 creative team and Lauren Shippen, the creator of The Bright Sessions


Interview with wesconnect

Interview with Zach, Emma, Michaela, Alan, and Gabriel by Lily Baggot for Wesleyan University's Wesconnect. Published December 16th, 2014. Read

Interview with Literature and film podcast

Podcast interview with Zach, Emma, and Gabriel by the L-Train and Mr. Two-Frames for the Literature and Film Podcast. Published March 26th, 2015. Listen

TV TRopes page

Thanks to the kind support and dedication of our fans, Wolf 359 now has its own page at TV Tropes. Visit for information and commentary on the series, all created by the show's fans! 

Interview with StartupJab

The kind folks at StartupJab invited Zach and Gabriel to their show to talk about the business of narrative podcasting. You can check out the full interview here


Interview with Radio Drama Revival

Zach and Emma chat with David Rheinstrom about making the show, the joys and challenges of audio-only acting, and the uncharted waters of fandom. Listen to the full interview here.

Interview with The Production REport

The wonderful Allis and Kiley host a bi-weekly radio show at Wesleyan University, alma mater for the majority of the cast and crew. In this episode from November 2016, they interview Gabriel on the process of writing and making a radio drama, and on the scariest sounds to hear while in space... 


Join the show's cast and crew as they answer fan questions, explain behind-the-scenes inside jokes, and do their best to start some internet memes.








WOlf 359 Writing Playlist

As the Wolf 359 writers work on the episode scripts, they often listen music. Many tracks have influenced, inspired, or expanded the material in the series. This is an ongoing, growing playlist that brings together some of the songs and instrumental pieces that have had the most lasting or meaningful impact upon the writing of the show. New songs are added as more episodes get written. 

Character Playlists

During the summer of 2016, we released weekly mini episodes covering the backstory of the eight main characters in the show. As a companion to these, we released a playlist for each character, covering music they love, pieces that inform their character and psychology, and tracks that have influenced the way we write them. 



Audio Drama December

Looking for other radio drama recommendations? Wolf 359's creator wrote this series of short essays on some of his favorite audio dramas. Check out the shows that influenced Wolf 359 by clicking here


Hall of Fame

Wolf 359 is what it is what is in no small part because of the generosity of our incredible fans. You've shared their enthusiasm with us and supported us on Patreon, so we built you your very own thank you page, which you can check out here